Klarifikasi McDonald’s Indonesia Terkait Berita Kampanye James Oliver Pada Tahun 2012


Menanggapi berita tentang Jamie Oliver, seorang chef terkenal yang melakukan kampanye melawan McDonald’s terkait Special Lean Beef Trimmings atau “pink slime”, perlu disampaikan bahwa hal tersebut tidak benar.

Berikut adalah pernyataan McDonald’s Corporation terkait kasus ini:

“At McDonald’s, food safety has been and will continue to be a top priority. McDonald’s USA has always used 100% USDA-inspected beef. Currently, McDonald’s USA does not use ammonia-treated beef in our hamburgers. The decision to discontinue its use was not related to any particular event, but rather a result of our efforts to align our standards for beef around the world.

McDonald’s complies with government requirements and food safety regulations. We also have our own food safety measures and standards in place throughout our supply chain to help ensure that we serve safe, high quality food to our customers.”

Dan berikut pernyataan dari McDonald’s Indonesia:

"Berita ini tidak benar. Di Indonesia, McDonald’s tidak pernah menggunakan bahan ammonia hydroxide (kadang-kadang disebut juga Special Lean Beef Trimmings, SLBT, atau "pink slime"). McDonald’s Indonesia hanya menggunakan 100% daging sapi tanpa ada bahan tambahan.”

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