McDonald’s Indonesia Launches Mobile Application

14 Mei 2019

McDonald’s Indonesia Launches Mobile Application

Jakarta, May 14, 2019 - Starting May 8, 2019 McDonald's Indonesia consumers can already download McDonald's mobile application on cellular phones. The application is symbolized by the very famous gold colored M logo can be downloaded either through Google Play for Android phones or the App Store for mobile phones with the iOS operating system. By downloading McDonald’s mobile application, consumers will get a variety of attractive offers when buying McDonald's products either through drive-thru or dine-in. 

"With this mobile application, we will be easier to interact with consumers and provide offers that match the needs and desires of consumers," said Michael Hartono, Director of Marketing Communication, CBI & Digital McDonald's Indonesia.

McDonald’s offers Rice 1 Package for only IDR 15,000 for consumers who first register after downloading this application. In addition, McDonald's also provides various attractive offers to consumers using the application.

McDonald’s mobile application contains information on McDonald’s restaurant locations, menus, coupons and discounts and nutritional content (currently the Happy Meal nutrition content). McDonald's mobile application is not only valid in Indonesia, but can also be used throughout the world. By changing the location of consumer countries at that time, consumers will still be able to enjoy all the features of McDonald’s mobile application.

This mobile application is part of McDonald's effort to change the face of McDonald's to be more modern and comfortable, which is called the Experience Of The Future. The efforts that have been made since last year began with creating a Dual Point System (DPS) in McDonald’s restaurants, namely the latest ordering system from McDonald's which separates ordering counters and payments with counters for food collection. McDonald's also equips its restaurants with Self-Ordering Kiosk (SOK), where consumers can directly order their own menus through this modern machine and choose to pay directly on the machine using a credit or debit card, or pay with cash at the cashier.

"We combine various technologies at the fingertips of consumers so we can focus on creating a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for anyone who comes to our restaurant," Michael said.


About McDonald’s Indonesia

The McDonald's Indonesia license is owned by PT Rekso Nasional Food (RNF), a subsidiary of Rekso Group. In 2009, PT Rekso Nasional Food signed a Master Franchise Agreement with McDonald's International Property Company (MIPCO) which gave permission to operate all restaurants with the McDonald's brand and opened new restaurants throughout Indonesia. RNF is McDonald's Indonesia. Under the management of RNF, McDonald's Indonesia will realize its commitment to develop restaurants to various regions in Indonesia. With 200 restaurants spread throughout Indonesia to date, RNF hopes that McDonald's Indonesia can offer the best service for customers, deliver the highest quality food, and provide great benefits for the people of Indonesia. Information about McDonald’s Indonesia please visit: or like Facebook McDonald's Indonesia and follow Twitter @McDonalds_ID

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